Sponsor+ offer

More sponsors and better budgets

  • Get better prices for your campaigns
  • Sign more long-term contracts
  • Get more sponsored deals
  • Keep your independence, no exclusivity

Know your value / price

Get the best possible price for your sponsors

Wizdeo calculates and negotiates the maximum price you can get for each brand through the following levers:

  • Posting a lower commission than other agencies
  • Reassuring brands about the views they will reach thanks to data
  • Benchmarking your CPM against the market/other YouTubers
  • Analyzing your premium inventory
  • Using historical brand performance data to predict your profitability
  • Helping you optimize your view rate

More opportunities with the right brands

Long-term collaboration with new brands

Wizdeo detects the new brands investing on YouTube and with which your audience is the most relevant. From there we determine the maximum price for which the collaboration with the brand will be successful

  • Unlimited access to active brands and their YouTube campaigns on WizApp
  • Ability to apply for a brand directly or through Wizdeo

To be visible and prioritized

Stand out from the crowd with brands

Wizdeo promotes Sponsor+ creators to its network of brands and agencies to find sponsored campaigns. Sponsor+ creators are proposed in priority when we select the relevant influencers for brands.


With our free app, easily receive all income opportunities


Eligibility / Criteria

All creators who have already participated in a Wizdeo campaign are eligible for Sponsor+: your profile is then analyzed by our teams who define an annual target for your channel.

Bonus & Commission

The bonus rewards the selection of suitable campaigns and the promotion of your profile to brands and agencies. The commission as an agent is reduced.


We study in detail your profile and your previous campaigns in order to propose a specific argument to brands and agencies. You receive the proposals in advance on WizApp.

Contract duration

One year to reach the objective defined together. No systematic renewal but a re-evaluation of the minimum objective and the Wizdeo bonus.


No advance on your part, you will only be charged if we sign new campaigns for you.

Accounting for Deals

You can refuse the initial proposal or until the brand has confirmed. Once validated a refusal causes the billing of the Wizdeo bonus (according to the rules of the contract).