Your talent, our skills

  • Protect the monetization of your YouTube videos
  • Amplify and multiply your sponsored operations
  • Access new sources of revenue

Management and contribution of sponsored operations

Amplify and multiply your sponsored operations

Thanks to its data tools, Wizdeo evaluates the relevance of your audience with that of the brands. Results:

  • More opportunities with brands: on average, 2 times more opportunities vs.without Wizdeo
  • Better prices: get the best possible price for your videos
  • Better long term contracts: sign with brands that will succeed with you; and renew you
  • More control: no Wizdeo exclusivity
  • WizApp: you get live updates on new opportunities and brands you are a good fit for

SACD / Scam / Sacem revenues

Declare and optimize your copyright income

for French content only
With Wizdeo, don't let your royalties escape. Wizdeo selects the best solution among the organizations, takes care of the quarterly declarations of your videos, your Shorts and TikTok to the SACD, Scam or Sacem, then checks for each declared video that there is no remuneration errors.

The Wizdeo copyright income service is:

  • 250 French-speaking creators whose copyrights are managed by Wizdeo
  • Nearly 200 000 videos declared to SACD, Scam or Sacem
  • A powerful real-time management and monitoring tool to know how much you will receive and when

Creators agent

Develop your audience and your content

Wizdeo agents, with their network of experts (lawyers, accountants, financiers, graphic designers, editors, etc.) help you develop your audience and your content, and find solutions to your administrative, tax, accounting, legal problems, ...

  • Connection with experts selected by Wizdeo for their quality of service and competitiveness
  • Weekly review with Wizdeo agent
  • Access to the Wizdeo Analytics performance tool, history and revenue forecasts with the Wizapp mobile application
  • For premiums, support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and monthly performance and financial audit
  • + 100 creators benefit from a Wizdeo agent

Creator financing

Benefit from loans and advances on your future income

Wizdeo offers financing to creators who work with Wizdeo in its MCN or on their sponsored operations from €20,000.


Develop new revenues with your own products

Wizdeo helps you create your online store and products by connecting you with the best suppliers and then helps you launch and promote your products to maximize sales to your audience.

A privileged contact with influencers

Wizdeo works with YouTube and Twitch influencers in all countries. Our teams are in contact with more than 1,000 influencers every month.

More than a thousand YouTube Creators receive royalties, and you ?

Wizdeo advantages

Wizdeo offers services accessible to as many people as possible, with high profitability and whose transparency allows talent to choose the opportunities they want!

Services for creators

Services for creators

You choose the services that interest you and you only pay for them

Low commission

Low commission

The lowest on the market, and transparent. Check the table of our offers



Transparency of contracts and their execution. Online monitoring of projects, income and commissions



Quick response thanks to global coverage


With our free app, easily receive all income opportunities