Your influencer performance campaigns

Improve your ROI by converting part of your influencer budget into pay-for-performance.

With the historical performance data of your campaigns, Wizdeo tools allow us to forecast for each influencer the future performances (CPI, CPA, CPM ...) for your sponsorship operations. We thus optimize the selection of influencers and their posts, and offer you a performance-based pricing for part of your budget . Thus reduce the financial risks of your campaigns.

  • Maximize the success of your campaign through in-depth analysis of your past campaigns and those of your competitors. Wizdeo has visibility on the success of your competitors' campaigns and detects the right influencers and the right content for you.
  • Optimize your budget by paying per conversion : thanks to our tools and history on more than 1500 campaigns, Wizdeo is able to guarantee your CPI / CPA on your influencer campaigns.
  • Do not worry about the results of your campaign anymore : Wizdeo guarantees you minimum performance according to your performance indicators.
  • To provide you with the most relevant influencers , our teams rely on data from Wizdeo Analytics, the only European platform certified by YouTube (find out more).
  • Raise your influencer campaigns to match your media campaigns in terms of performance and truly engage your audiences!
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