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Boost your ratings and quickly increase your views and subscribers with the establishment of an optimal video strategy. Each partner benefits from the support of a dedicated Wizdeo channel manager who has passed the YouTube certification for audience development. They will help you identify the key development factors for your channel.

  Tools tailored to your needs

Wiztracker : in a glance, follow the evolution of your channel and compare your ratings with those of other channels. Tracking over 300,000 YouTube channels, our software gives you access to the most exhaustive YouTube cartography ever created and provides you with exclusive analysis of your video performance in real-time.

Wizdeo Blog : Follow our recommendations and boost your audience. The Wizdeo blog serves as a support that details best practices for channel success as well as keeps readers informed about the latest YouTube news. Updated weekly and full of hundreds of articles, our blog serves as a reference guide for audience development.

  Collaboration and cross-promotion

Expand your audience and increase your number of subscribers by reaching out to a new target. Joining Wizdeo guarantees you promotional campaign support and the advantage of having a large network of creators at your disposition.

  Better remuneration

Earn more money by taking advantage of our exclusive sponsorship campaigns. Your videos will be eligible for premium advertisements sold by our sales team in addition to advertising sold by YouTube enabling you to achieve a higher RPM (Revenue Per Thousand views).

  Video financing

Joining the Wizdeo network makes you eligible to be paid for the production and diffusion of certain videos associated with prestigious brands. These so-called "branded content" operations take into consideration the story-line and other characteristics of your channel and can multiply your revenue by 20.

Monetize all of the videos posted on your channel as well as your videos that have been taken up and republished by other channels (pirated videos). We fight for your copyright claims and scan YouTube to detect videos that are using a portion of or the whole of your content. We stand up for your claims and intervene in case of dispute.

  Multi-diffusion of videos

Multiply your diffusion platforms to multiply your income. As a Wizdeo partner, you will benefit from our special distribution agreements with several different video platforms: YouTube, Dailymotion, Wat, Digiteka, Mediabong ... No extra work for you, we take care of everything!

  Mobile application

Keep in touch with your community and generate additional income. Wizdeo can create you your very own iOS and Android application that includes diffusion of your YouTube videos and integration with your Facebook account. The views posted on your application benefit from our advertising agreements and thus earn you money.

  Support in your language

Get quick answers to your questions. Do you need help getting more views, starting a new project, improving quality of production, finding potential collaboration opportunities, or do you have questions about administrative issues like how to declare your income? Our teams are at your disposal and can respond to you in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Contract also in your language.

  Independence & freedom

You are the master of your own channel; we simply provide you with tools and tips for developing it. Without any obligations on your part, you retain complete control of your channel as well as your autonomy and creative freedom.

  Total revenue transparency

Keep track of your income every day. As a Wizdeo partner, you will have complete visibility of the revenue generated by your videos.

  A wide choice of music, with no concern for copyright

The whole Epidemic Sound catalog is royalty-free. That is to say any music you will use in your videos belongs to you. You can re-use it whenever you like! There’s no need to credit it. Don’t ever worry about copyright anymore.

  A music for every moment of your videos.

Epidemic Sound allows you to pick precisely the type of music you like. Chose genre, tempo, instruments or even mood. You will find something that suits you. From sunny Bossa Nova to Heavy Metal or Dubstep, from Electro hits to gentle piano playing, there’s no way you won’t find what you’re looking for.

  A plethora of sound effects to create special atmospheres in your videos

You want to give your video a gloomy atmosphere? Epidemic Sound has you covered. You want some water drop sounds, or maybe something more casual like an openspace noise? You’ll find what you need; there’s no limit to your creativity!



Boost your revenues with our exclusive YouTubers sponsorship offer !

Keep a percentage on the revenue generated by Wizdeo over 1 yearon the sponsored YouTube channels that join Wizdeo. In addition to your own regular earnings, you will receive a monthly revenue calculated on the sponsored YouTube channels' performances. Of course, the bigger the channel, the greater the number of views and the more money you will get !

To benefit from our offer, all you have to do is contact us and send us the names of the YouTubers you wish to sponsor and our teams will take care of the rest !