Take your online content strategy to the next level

Develop your channel's audience
Increase your revenues
Analyze & forecast your performances
Avoid copyright claims

Grow your audience's channel

Personalized recommandations, SEO, retention, topics and scheduling optimization.
Rankings, analytics and insights, subscribers and revenue forecasts.
Channel & videos, fans analyzis and see what they like.
Potential YouTube partners to work with or just to get inspiration.
Social networks dashboards (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).


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Increase your revenues

Increase your revenues by getting monetization optimization advices & tools, copyright protection, brand content and sponsoring opportunities and by sponsoring other Creators to join our Network

No more copyright / content ID issues

Monetize all of the videos posted on your channel as well as copies republished by other channels (pirated videos). We defend your rights and scan YouTube to detectthese copies. We manage your claims and intervene in case of dispute.

Sponsoring a channel : in addition to your own regular earnings, you will receive a monthly revenue calculated on the sponsored YouTube channels' performances. Contact your friends and offer them to join us!


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epidemic sound

Access a free audio librairy

The whole Epidemic Sound catalog is royalty-free. That is to say any music you will use in your videos belongs to you. You can re-use it whenever you like! There’s no need to credit it. Don’t ever worry about copyright anymore.

Chose genre, tempo, instruments or even mood. You will find something that suits you, there’s no limit to your creativity!