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Leading analytics & services platform for Media Agencies

Find the most relevant influencers for your clients
Benchmark your client's social network footprint against competitors
Find new clients active on YouTube
Develop your client's brand channel

Create data-based campaigns for your clients

Wizdeo analytics and/or expert services help you find the most credible and relevant influencers for your client's target audience, amplify the reach of their branded content through Adwords and Facebook, measure your campaign ROI and improve your next reach or performance campaign.


EN agency influencer selection wizdeo analytics

EN agency media campaign targeting wizdeo analytics

Optimize YouTube media campaigns

Target family co-viewing, parents and niche audiences that Google Adwords can't reach with Wizdeo analytics and/or turn-key services provided by Wizdeo's expert team.

Develop your client's brand channel

Wizdeo analytics platform and/or expert services team help you analyze your client's channel, videos, and audience.
Identify your client's competitors, their sponsored/paid campaigns, share of voice, be alerted on their performance; Get personalized recommandations to grow their channel through SEO & retention optimization, programming and scheduling optimization...


EN agency client sourcing wizdeo analytics

EN agency client brand channel development wizdeo analytics

Sign up new clients

Find and qualify new clients for your agency by identifying which brands are spending money on YouTube , analyzing their performance to customize your offer and create personalized white papers.

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