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Copyright monetization for YouTube Creators 

As video creator doing french content, you have the right to collect royalties.

To do so, you should join a copyright management organization and submit your contents. Wizdeo can help you with administrative processes and by maximizing your copyright revenues.

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1 - How much can I expect to win with my YouTube videos ?

The amount of potential revenues (excluding taxes and commissions) depends primarily on the nature of your videos and the number of views.

By entering your number of views made in 2017 as well as the current views made in 2018, we will indicate you a range of revenues.

Revenues (excluding taxes and commissions)
from copyright monetization
are estimated between x xxx,xx € and x xxx,xx €.

The commission charged by Wizdeo is estimated at between xx % and xx %.

Be careful: the sooner you submit your videos, the more you will be ensured that a maximum of your views will be taken into account! As time goes on, organisms no longer take into account "old" views.

For example, since June 2017, 2016 views are no longer paid by some organizations.

2 - What are copyright management organizations ?

As a video creator on YouTube, you can collect royalties. These rights (for French content) are collected by organizations such as SACD, SCAM and SACEM from YouTube.

By joining these organizations and submitting your videos, you can get revenues generated by these rights.

3 - How can I benefit from that ?

Should my channel meet certain criteria ?

According to the organizations, criteria are different: the submitted videos should have more than 2,000 views or be part of the YouTube Partner Program and have more than 10,000 subscribers.

According to the organizations, criteria are different: the submitted videos should have more than 2,000 views or be part of the YouTube Partner Program and have more than 10,000 subscribers.

Are my contents concerned ?

The video must be original to be submitted to organizations. It is not possible to submit a compilation of contents that do not belong to you for example.

Here are some examples of eligible formats:

Humorous sketch, Vlog of your trip, apartment tour, short fictions, animated video, cartoons, documentaries, cartoon tutorials, recipes, video games...

All views in my catalog are affected or only the most recent ?

It depends on the organisms. In some cases, all videos in the catalog are eligible in others only videos published after a certain date.

For example, a Youtube Creator makes travel videos but also he also presents cooking recipes from different countries. We submit cooking videos to an organization and Vlog Travels belong to another organization..

Is it possible to benefit from this if I am a minor ?

Yes, we can take care of this for you with the permission of your legal guardian.

4 - When will I have my first revenues ?

According to the organizations, you’ll get an annual or quarterly payment.

Be careful, do not miss the period! Indeed, if you answer after the deadline, you will have to wait until the next time to be paid!

For example, you have to submit videos before September 25 to get paid in 2018. If you don’t provide all the necessary information before September 10th, you will receive your revenus in 2019.

5 - But what's the benefit of doing this with Wizdeo ?

It's possible to try to submit your own videos to organizations. But it's often more interesting and faster to do it with Wizdeo.

  1. We watch your videos to choose the best organization: : they can match all criteria but they also can make you earn more !
  2. We sort and submit videos.
  3. We study the payments to identify any errors and ask for correction.
Our Youtuber Gamer has some videos eligible for different organizations. After sorting his catalog, he will be able to earn up to € 237 000from one organization and€ 34 000 for the other, instead of a maximum of € 241 000 if he had declared everything in one of the two organizations*.
By taking care of sorting his catalog with about 1200 videos + sorting and submitting his catalog, we made him save about 3 days of work.
For one of the YouTuber we worked with, after we checked with the organism, the revenues went from about € 7 678 à € 167 582* thanks to our claim..

*estimation based on approximately 745 million views
*gross value on about 45 Vlog videos, each with about 150,000 views
*gross value on about 600 Vlog videos, with an average of 450,000 views

6 - I am already registered in an organization, is this offer also for me ?

You may already be registered in an organization: SACD or Scam and your programming includes several video formats (scripted video, documentary, reviews ...). You should know that RPM varies depending on the format of your videos and the organization to which you submit your videos. So it's important to remember that in order to maximize your copyright revenue, you should submit some formats to an organization and other formats to another organization. For example, a Vlog on your channel has a higher RPM than a Gameplay.

The different organizations do not pay the same and you should really not submit all your videos to the same organizations if you want to maximize your revenues. Pointing, tracking, and checking. past and future videos to submit to the right organization for the correct category is therefore very important to maximize your revenues. Wizdeo helps you with this !

Our Youtuber Gamer has videos eligible for different organizations. After sorting his catalog, he could earn up to € 237 000 from another € 34 000 from the other, instead of a maximum of € 241 000 if he had declared everything in one of the two * organizations.

7 - And what commission for Wizdeo ?

Commission depends on the views of your channel, you can find all the details on the commission table below.

Income level
Income level
up to 
 Commission level
 425 530 €    2 %
 213 030 €  425 530 € 3 %
 85 530 €  213 030 €  5 %
 40 030 €  85 530 €  9 %
 9 030 €  40 030 €  12 %
 3 080 €   9 030 €  18 %
 750 €   3 080 € 24% 
0 € 750 € 33 %


8- Do I pay taxes on my rights ?

Revenues paid by copyright societies to authors are considered as personal income, and not company income. Copyright societies withhold 12% of gross revenues to cover their management fees. 

For France-based authors, Social Security contributions take 18,3% of revenues net of management fees. With the adjustment for VAT ( reimbursement of VAT on societies fees), the total Social Security contribution amount deducted is 17,5% . The net amount is taxable on French Income tax. 

For authors based in another country, SACD and SCAM apply a 33% withholding tax on the amount net of fees. For some countries, this amount can be eventually partially reimbursed if the author can prove he is paying tax in another country. 


Below, an example of taxes & commissions taken by SACD :

For french residents :

Cotisations sociales

For foreign residents :

Cotisations étranger

9 - I'm in, how do I sign? What documents should I send ?

Thank you for your trust! We can now sign a contract but also mandates that allow us to do administrative processes for you.

Then, you need to send us some documents and information so that we can do the application for your membership: last name, first name, address of residence but also Social Security number, date and place of birth, copy of your identity card and of course a RIB for payments! All these documents are necessary to finalize your membership.

10 - Let's go. What is the status of my application? How to know ?

We have put in place a tracking tool so that you can follow your application. Once connected to your Wizdeo account, you can follow submission and status of your membership.

11 - Can I sponsor someone ?

Of course, do not hesitate to recommend us to your friends!

By sponsoring, you will receive 15% of the Wizdeo commission on the sponsored file.

12 - Great, but are there other fees to pay beforehand ?

  • A contribution of 48 € for the SACD organization is expected then 40 € per year (exemption of two years if online registration).
  • For the Scam organization, € 7.62 are taken from the first royalties.

It is really very little compared to the additional revenues you can collect. Also, depending on the channels, Wizdeo offers membership fees!

13 - And if I want to stop the contract ?

If you wish to terminate the contract, you must send us a registered letter 90 days before the end of the contract at:
Wizdeo - 32 rue de Trévise - 75 009 Paris.