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The purchase of credits offers you: unlimited search + access to influencer profile + Export CVS search results

Access to influencer profile: 10 credits

This profile allows you to learn more about:

  • Influencer’s popular videos
  • The geographic distribution of its audience as well as the distribution by age and gender
  • Have an idea of the performances he or she can have by video
  • List of similar channels by audience sorted by proximity of audience. This feature is useful when you are looking for several close influencers for a brand content operation for example.

Unlimited search for influencers on YouTube: more than 24 criteria / filters :

  • Channel name
  • Channel content : keywords, format (HD, 360), topic
  • Profile : category, country, language, network, industry, brand
  • Audience : split by gender, age and geography
  • Performances : score, number of views, subscribers, videos on the last 7/30/90/360 days you can also customize dates
  • Forecast views : in percentage and total on the next year
  • Engagement : total number of likes, dislikes, comments, engagement rate, average of 30-day views per video


To access YouTube's Unlimited Search for Influencers, in the menu, click on "Find Influencers / Creators" > "by filter".


CSV Export: 50 credits

The export feature allows you to display all the columns of the results page and export the file in CSV.