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Wizdeo major MCN in Europe, #1 in France YouTube certifiedYouTube certified

Specialized in video audience development, monetisation & branded content


The Wizdeo offer is centralized around WizTracker, a powerful YouTube channel statistical analysis tool that allows for the precise evaluation of channel performance, enabling benchmarking and facilitating collaboration.



In a glance, discover the top channels: the most viewed, the most subscribed to, as well as those most "liked" by users.


With one click, access private statistics for your channel, analyze your progression, and compare your performance to other channels.


Improve the programs and promotion of your channel; develop your audience and offer them increasingly attractive videos.


The YouTube keyword tool is very useful because it gives you the monthly search volume of keywords / expressions for any given geographic location.  It can give you the monthly search volume for a keyword of your choosing, or it can give you other suggestions of keywords similar to the one that you chose (for example, if you type in the world "video game" it might suggest “call of duty”).  It can also give you keyword suggestions for an existing video (if you provide the video ID or URL).

Why you should use the tool:

  • To help you decide what content to publish: using the keyword tool can help to give you ideas for future video topic for.  If you have a general idea but need more inspiration to find a video topic with high search volume this tool can give you some good suggestions. For example, if you wanted to do a video on the subject of dating, the keyword tool would give you suggestions such as “speed dating” or “online dating” which are both interesting ideas for videos.
  • To optimize your titles and tags: when you know the topic of your video, the tool allows you to find the keywords that are most sought after.  Use the keywords with the highest search volumes in your titles, descriptions, and tags to give your videos a greater chance for success.

As a reminder, you will find the keyword tool here: https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool

The keyword tool has 3 fields to fill, and an option of two boxes that you can check:


Depending on the geographical location of your audience, it is necessary to adapt fields 1 and 2. For French audiences for example, the language must be changed to "French" (1), and "France" must be selected as the country (2).

In field 3, you must enter the word/phrase that you want to search.  To add multiple words/ expressions at the same time, press “Enter” after each line.

If you want YouTube to give you suggestions, just click the button "get keyword ideas" (4).

If you just want to see the monthly search volume for the words/phrases that you entered, then you must check the box “Don't show ideas for new keywords” (5) before pressing the "get keyword ideas" button.

Here is an example so you can practice:


You can also refine the results by how precise you want them:

Broad / Negative: A broad search will include the number of searches that contained your keyword(s), no matter what order they were in or what other words they were associated with.  “Negative" gives the same number as a “broad" search.

Phrase: This gives you the number of searches containing your keywords in the same order (although other words could come before or after).

Exact: This is the number of searches for the exact phrase.

NOTE: When it says, "Not Enough Data," it means that there are very few monthly searches for the keyword(s).